Freight inquiry


Zhongshan City, good letter International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is the Zhongshan City Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the professional international freight forwarders

the company. Business license registration number is [4420002205475], the registered capital of RMB Wu Bai million, business scope, including international and domestic shipping, air transport, land transport and customs declaration, 報檢, warehousing and other full logistics services. At the same time the company paid the deposit in the Ministry of Communications Billion, registered as a non-vessel carrier, non-vessel carrier registration number MOC-NV05771. Is currently registered in the local Zhongshan, with independent carrier transport of goods qualified one of the eight freight forwarders.

Zhongshan City Jiaxin International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is a professional transport company, adhere to the customer first service concept, as long as the customer's request, whether it is on the operation or the price, I will try to meet the Secretary, do the best! Good letter freight is OOCL, TSL, MCC and CSCL front-line agent, in the Pearl River region price advantage is obvious, season season is guaranteed!


The details of the company's business are as follows:

1, the Middle East India and Pakistan line for OOCL the strongest agent. We are OOCL a booking agent, the price advantage is obvious, the class is guaranteed, at the same time by the owner of the license, the company from the bill of lading, so the first time the bill of lading to the customer hands.

2, Southeast Asia line transport - flat, pretty, fast For OOCL, TSL and MCC contract agents, especially Japan, Taiwan and Singapore line, to Japan and Singapore, the fastest 3 days to Taiwan, the fastest 1 day, the lowest tariffs, more than a week can choose a number of flights.

3, to provide Hong Kong, Shenzhen, the delivery service. Our company is a professional trailer company which specializes in domestic trailer and trades company. The company is equipped with oriental, liberation and Auman and other types of vehicles. Tractors more than 40 various types of domestic supervision of 20 vehicles. Can provide customers with customs supervision of container transport, bulk cargo transport, Hong Kong container / bulk cargo transport and other services.

4, customs inspection one by one. I have a group of business scouring the declaration, for customers in the Pearl West, Shenzhen and Guangzhou agent export declaration, settlement, booking, certificate (C / O & F / A), commodity inspection, insurance and other services.

5, the company is headquartered in New York, signed OOCL, EMC, CMA and many other owners of the general cargo, freezers and dangerous goods contracts. Europe and OOCL and CSCL cooperation, regardless of tariffs and sailing are one of the strongest combination of Europe.

6, the characteristics of freight - door to door double clearance service. We are now operating in Taiwan Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taichung, Middle East Dubai, Singapore door to door tax double customs clearance service, with a simple, safe, fast, low cost characteristics, you are the best choice for small goods exports!

7, domestic water transport, safe and reliable. I Division and COSCO, CHINA SHIPPING domestic trade signed a contract, I can provide customers with shipping to Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang and other places of the door-to-door preferential prices and quality service.


 "Professional, safe, fast, reasonable price", which is your service requirements, but also our corporate code of conduct!

 "Good industry Gongzhu, into the letter!" Let everyone use the common casting our common cause of it!