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Maersk Line acquisition of Hamburg South America was approved by two board of directors

From the Maersk Group, on 28 April 2017, the board of directors of the Maersk Group and the Autodesk Group approved the sale and purchase agreement for the acquisition of Hamburg's South America by Maersk Line. And the acquisition is still subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities.

It is reported that Maersk Line will be the purchase price of 3.7 billion euros in Hamburg, South America, Maersk Line will be acquired by cash, the relevant funds will be obtained through syndicated loans.

Prior to April 10, the European Commission announced the conditional approval of the Danish Maersk acquisition of Hamburg, Germany, South America.

Maersk Line was announced on December 1 last year to acquire the Continental Group's liner company, Hamburg, South America. On March 14 this year, the two sides signed a merger agreement.